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How much in advance should I reserve my car?

UTOG vehicles provide some of most reliable and timely service in New York City. Within Manhattan, ETA’s are typically 10-15 minutes from dispatch time. As with any ground transportation we are subject to weather conditions and other situations causing excessive traffic and gridlock. We recommend advance reservation and our staff will always call ahead to let you know when the car will arrive. Since arrival times change based on location, day and time we encourage customers to call ahead and our dispatchers and customer service staff will give you accurate and straight forward estimates of your pick up times for any day.

What if I need to change my reservation?

There is no problem changing any number of reservations but we ask that you do this before we dispatch the vehicle which, in Manhattan, is 15-20 minutes prior to the pick-up. For out of town pick-ups this time increases and the dispatchers will always let you know when this will be.

Can I expect the driver to take care of all my luggage?

Yes, the driver will take care of the luggage and any carry on items which you will need assistance with.

Is it OK to have the driver make an extra stop?

Not a problem in the world. The driver is at the beck and call of the customer and will work as directed for your convenience. There is a stop charge which is located in the rate book that varies from destination and location. Our customer service managers will be happy to supply you with any and all stop charges throughout New York and the surrounding areas.

What do I do if I leave some personal property in the car?

Should you leave an item in one of our cars simply call our sales department at 718-361-2370 and we will recover it for you and deliver it to your door step free of charge.

Can I smoke during the ride?

The Taxi and Limousine Commission prohibits smoking in all public conveyances.

When I request meet-and-greet airport service where should I expect to find the driver?

Your driver will be at the baggage claim exit with a UTOG sign with your name on it.

How will I identify my car if I don’t request meet and greet service at the airport?

Your car will be directly outside the terminal building. You will be given precise and easy to follow directions to its exact location. There will be a UTOG sign clearly displayed in the window with your car number. Should you not be able to find your vehicle outside the terminal our dispatch staff will get involved to make sure you and the driver connect immediately.

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